TRACKS Youth Program: Amazing integrative initiatives

Since I started working for the Camp Kawartha Environment Centre, I have heard the TRACKS program mentioned almost continuously. TRACKS stands for Trent Aboriginal Culture and Knowledge and Science and is a dynamic and dedicated group of educators and activists. This summer I have been thrilled to come into greater community with them. I wasContinue reading “TRACKS Youth Program: Amazing integrative initiatives”

Raising a Tipi: An invitation to community

I got up early on Friday, June 11th, to bike up to the Environment Centre. It was a very special day for me. I had been invited to participate in raising a Tiipii at the Camp Kawartha Environment Centre with Tracks (TRent Aboriginal Cultural Knowledge and Science). This was a joint venture with Camp Kawartha to strengthen community ties, share knowledge and support Indigenous knowledge keeping.

Food for Thought: Reflections on the Food Challenge

When I first read about the Food Challenge for my new course Education for Sustainability and Entrepreneurshipover the Christmas break, I got very excited. There were little firecrackers going off in my brain. There was so much scope here, and so much I wanted to do. I deeply believe that our relationship with food needsContinue reading “Food for Thought: Reflections on the Food Challenge”

Soup for the Soul: Caramelized Red Onion Soup

This soup comes from the Rebar cookbook (Alsterberg and Urbanowicz 2001, pp. 47, 133). It is in two parts: Slow Roasted Tomatoes (p. 47) and the actual soup recipe (p. 133). The recipe for the slow roasted tomatoes begins with “Patience is the only thing you need to follow this recipe” (Alsterberg and Urbanowicz 2001,Continue reading “Soup for the Soul: Caramelized Red Onion Soup”

Soup for the Soul: Bone Broth #2

Emboldened by the chicken broth, I opened the freezer (on March 11)and took out a gift of beef bones from the family of one of my students. They had been sitting there since mid-January when I first started thinking about this food challenge. I wanted to leave them until last because, as a gift, IContinue reading “Soup for the Soul: Bone Broth #2”

Soup for the Soul: Greek red lentil

For lunch (and dinner, actually) on Sunday (March 7), I made the chicken soup stock into a Greek red lentil soup. This recipe comes from Rebar (Alsterberg & Urbanowicz, 2001, p. 123). It’s a refreshing soup, with hints of lemon and lots of garlic (I used an entire bulb!). It also suggests that you garnishContinue reading “Soup for the Soul: Greek red lentil”