Reflections on Consumption: Boots, Handles and Dinnertime Conversation

November 2 Today, I finally bought my son some winter boots. They are Bogs. These boots do him well. They keep his feet warm in winter even when he goes on walks through the marsh or wades in creeks in the winter. He teaches me a lot about just being in nature, whatever the weatherContinue reading “Reflections on Consumption: Boots, Handles and Dinnertime Conversation”

Reflections on Consumption: Happy Hallowe’en

October 31 Happy Halloween! And what a different Halloween, with much less spending and preparation for me. We went over to my son’s friends and had an afternoon playdate. My son dressed up in a dragon costume, which just happens to be his everyday onesy. No prep, except long underwear underneath for outdoor play. HisContinue reading “Reflections on Consumption: Happy Hallowe’en”

Reflections of Consumption: Trees and Leaves and Letting Go

October 30th Today, I bought nothing. Instead, I was gifted with duck eggs. Four large beautiful eggs from two ducks whom my student is training to be therapy ducks. I have not met them in person, but I watched them grow over our Skype meetings in the spring. When I try these eggs this weekend,Continue reading “Reflections of Consumption: Trees and Leaves and Letting Go”

Reflections on Consumption: Tree medallions

October 29th. Today, I bought nothing. Though I restocked the Environment Centre’s supplies of vinegar, baking soda and drills bits. I also ‘borrowed’ marshmallows from the Centre’s stores to give to my son. I still forgot to get them for the fire. Today, I gave. I tried to make sure everyone had a good day.Continue reading “Reflections on Consumption: Tree medallions”

Reflecting on Consumption: Small Stuff

October 28 Today, I bought drill bits, vinegar, baking soda and glow sticks. The drill bits, vinegar and baking soda were to replenish the Environment Centre stock that we had gone through during the fall programming. I am thrilled with the purchase of the drill bits. We had broken a few of them in theContinue reading “Reflecting on Consumption: Small Stuff”

Reflections on Consumption: Purchasing Puffers

October 27 Today, I bought a puffer for my Dad and a blister pack for medication. The puffer bothers me. Always has. It is a little plastic machine that one primes and presses a button to release a specific amount of vapour. After 60 puffs, it is thrown out – or recycled, though I amContinue reading “Reflections on Consumption: Purchasing Puffers”

Relecting on Consumption: Downshifting

October 26 Today, I downshifted. I didn’t sell anything. Instead, I gave up two days of teaching a week. There were a lot of reasons for that but the one I’m going to focus on here is time. Time is one thing I undervalue for myself and I often find myself spread too thin. ThisContinue reading “Relecting on Consumption: Downshifting”

Reflecting on Consumption: What’s in the Fridge

October 25. I don’t do the grocery shopping any more. My husband does. And he cooks the dinner meal for the most part. This is a recent change and I’m loving it. So, while I don’t buy food, I do consume it. Let’s look in the fridge! We eat a lot of whole foods. MyContinue reading “Reflecting on Consumption: What’s in the Fridge”

Reflecting on Consumption: A Car for a Dollar

October 24th. Today, I bought a car for a dollar. Well, it’s a bit more than a dollar once the transfer tax and vehicle inspection take place but what my friend and I exchanged was the shiniest looney I had. Definitely a good price! And it underlines why I love the friends I have. ButContinue reading “Reflecting on Consumption: A Car for a Dollar”