TRACKS Youth Program: Amazing integrative initiatives

Since I started working for the Camp Kawartha Environment Centre, I have heard the TRACKS program mentioned almost continuously. TRACKS stands for Trent Aboriginal Culture and Knowledge and Science and is a dynamic and dedicated group of educators and activists. This summer I have been thrilled to come into greater community with them. I wasContinue reading “TRACKS Youth Program: Amazing integrative initiatives”

Raising a Tipi: An invitation to community

I got up early on Friday, June 11th, to bike up to the Environment Centre. It was a very special day for me. I had been invited to participate in raising a Tiipii at the Camp Kawartha Environment Centre with Tracks (TRent Aboriginal Cultural Knowledge and Science). This was a joint venture with Camp Kawartha to strengthen community ties, share knowledge and support Indigenous knowledge keeping.

Food for Thought: Reflections on the Food Challenge

When I first read about the Food Challenge for my new course Education for Sustainability and Entrepreneurshipover the Christmas break, I got very excited. There were little firecrackers going off in my brain. There was so much scope here, and so much I wanted to do. I deeply believe that our relationship with food needsContinue reading “Food for Thought: Reflections on the Food Challenge”