Relecting on Consumption: Downshifting

October 26 Today, I downshifted. I didn’t sell anything. Instead, I gave up two days of teaching a week. There were a lot of reasons for that but the one I’m going to focus on here is time. Time is one thing I undervalue for myself and I often find myself spread too thin. ThisContinue reading “Relecting on Consumption: Downshifting”

Reflecting on Consumption: What’s in the Fridge

October 25. I don’t do the grocery shopping any more. My husband does. And he cooks the dinner meal for the most part. This is a recent change and I’m loving it. So, while I don’t buy food, I do consume it. Let’s look in the fridge! We eat a lot of whole foods. MyContinue reading “Reflecting on Consumption: What’s in the Fridge”

Reflecting on Consumption: A Car for a Dollar

October 24th. Today, I bought a car for a dollar. Well, it’s a bit more than a dollar once the transfer tax and vehicle inspection take place but what my friend and I exchanged was the shiniest looney I had. Definitely a good price! And it underlines why I love the friends I have. ButContinue reading “Reflecting on Consumption: A Car for a Dollar”

Reflecting on Consumption: Forget the Marshmallows

October 23 I forgot the marshmallows! Well, I didn’t really forget, though I was pretty tired in the morning not having slept well. We had an unseasonable high of 22 degrees and I didn’t really think we needed a fire. Besides, I reacted badly to the smoke of the fire yesterday and my head stillContinue reading “Reflecting on Consumption: Forget the Marshmallows”

Reflecting on Consumption: Beginnings

October 22nd This is the beginning of a multiple week reflective journal on consumption that I am doing for my Fundamentals of Sustainability course at Cape Breton University. In it, I am suppose to track my consumption, reflecting on the patterns and behaviours I notice. This is very much linked to techniques in mindfulness andContinue reading “Reflecting on Consumption: Beginnings”

Opening my eyes: some reflections on Netukulimk, Reciprocity, and Two-eyed Seeing

I love the way Robin Wall Kimmerer, in her popular book, Braiding Sweetgrass (2013), speaks of weaving Western science, Indigenous wisdom and the reciprocity of plants. This, my heart sang, was a path towards healing our troubled world, that brought understandings from both cultures together in harmony. Two ways of seeing. Two languages groups. WorkingContinue reading “Opening my eyes: some reflections on Netukulimk, Reciprocity, and Two-eyed Seeing”