TRACKS Youth Program: Amazing integrative initiatives

Since I started working for the Camp Kawartha Environment Centre, I have heard the TRACKS program mentioned almost continuously. TRACKS stands for Trent Aboriginal Culture and Knowledge and Science and is a dynamic and dedicated group of educators and activists. This summer I have been thrilled to come into greater community with them. I wasContinue reading “TRACKS Youth Program: Amazing integrative initiatives”

Soup for the Soul: Bone Broth #1

A few days ago (March 1), I ventured into new ground for me, though not for my family. A year or so ago, my husband started making chicken bone broth, which was lovely. And then, somewhere along the line, he shifted what he was cooking and the bone broth stopped being made. But we stillContinue reading “Soup for the Soul: Bone Broth #1”

Soup for the Soul: African Yam and Almond soup

This is one of my favourite soups from one of my favourite recipe books: Rebar. It is a deep rich soup made traditionally with yams and peanuts, but as my son has a peanut allergy we substituted peanut free almond butter (Barney Butter). It is spiced with cumin and corriander combined with lime and pineappleContinue reading “Soup for the Soul: African Yam and Almond soup”